Here are some questions a lot of my friends and family ask me about the blog.

1: How do I follow the blog?

It’s REALLY easy. On the side header just fill out the email signup form, or if you have a WordPress account just click the follow button.

2: How do I post on Hotslicer Origins?

Follow these simple steps.

Go to WordPress.com and register for your own WordPress account (If you don’t have one). The process is really simple just follow the directed steps.

After that, follow Hotslicer Origins and like a couple of our posts. You can even email me to request an invitation. At first, I will most likely make you a contributor, but if you can really get a lot of people to follow the site then, your an author! Make sure you post original material (you have written it, not copy pasted). and write at least 10 sentences. Make all your posts age appropriate and have a great time!

3: If I catch any errors or typos how can I tell an Admin?

It is really helpful if you catch a typo and want to point it out. The easiest way is to go to Hotslicer Origins Chat and type a message. If you can’t find the post or it doesn’t work for some reason then you can always email me or Crazygaming.

So those are the frequently asked questions about Hotslicer Origins. I hope your questions were answered and if not tell them to me via email or chat.

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