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Hello everyone! I would personally like to thank you  for checking out Hotslicer Origins! This blog is all about video games, gaming tutorials and most of all about:


Yes there is other reading material on this blog but really you should come here to enjoy epic articles about almost every game you can imagine from Halo to Minecraft! Hotslicer Origins is closely linked with Madgaming and both of our sites and closely devoted to making awesome posts for all you awesome people out there to read and enjoy! The main different between Hotslicer Origins and Madgaming is that my site focused mostly on Minecraft while you should go to Madgaming for a couple other games.

I, Hotslicer am the main creator of this site but we have 3 other active authors that help the website with writing TONS of posts for you guys to read!

So I hope you have learned a lot about the blog! If you have any question/comments just go to Hotslicer Origins Chat and we can talk,

Help is aways APPRECIATED if you see anything wrong with our posts (typos, grammar, etc) please let us know 🙂

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