About The Creator

Shreyan Phadke, or hotslicer lives in the city of Cupertino in California, USA. He started playing Minecraft when he was only about 7 but caught on to the game quickly. As he progressed through the game and started doing several other activities such as basketball, art, and piano he had a growing interest in sharing all his adventures.

He is currently an 11-year-old middle Schooler.

So he created, as originally called Hotslicer.com to post about all the things he had done and made, that he so willingly wanted to share with the world. But soon he also wanted the blog to succeed as well.

So he started creating more posts and told more people than ever about the blog. And his efforts truly paid off as he has led Hotslicer Origins into being the successful place it is today.

I hope you have learned all about the creator, Hotslicer, his website and his life and I hope you will continue to help Hotslicer Origins grow,


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